The method Rolfing™ was created by the biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf in the middle of the 20th century.  Up until now,  it is growing  to be one of the most intelligent and effective ways to maintain and recuperate health and well being.

Perhaps, the philosophy of this technique sounds a little ordinary but the result of the procedure is even more so efficient.

“The better the structure of the body, the fewer physical problems you get!”

Our human body can be modified!

Rolfing Sitzung mit Markus RossmannBy manipulating the so called fascia, we have the opportunity to directly influence structures within our bodies and consequentially in changing our posture.
The better the posture is being aligned, the more harmonised the relations of tension in the body will be and the more equalised is the impact on spine and articulations in everyday life use.

With the Rolfing™ method, a healthy posture is not only being composed, but can also be maintained for a long time, which is the result of an increased body conscience, that can be felt during movement and while relating with the environment.

Please enter the following website for more detailed information about: Rolfing® - Strukturelle Integration (German).

Rolfing® in movement

It has always been my intention, to connect movement with manipulation, while doing body work.

During the sessions of my newly developed concept “Treat in Movement”, the clients are not anymore lying in a passive position, but instead are actively participating with functional movements.

Rolfing in Bewegung
Image from the book Roßmann/Neumann: Richtig Gehen (2017) – photo by Christian Weiss

The main advantage of this approach is the clients direct perception of a specific body part that is being treated, while moving.
The client has the opportunity to re-establish a connection with a structure of his body, where a healthy range of movement had been deteriorating.  Clients are being able to perform routine chores in a healthier and better way.  When habitual movements are performed the right way, the body can receive healthy impulses daily, which are important for the maintenance of the well being of mind and body.

A traditional Rolfing session or a session of “Treat in Movement” takes about 60 to 75 min and costs 110 Euro.

These sessions, administered by Markus Roßmann are not being covered by any kind of public or private health insurance.


Ausrichtung der Haltung während einer Rolfing-SitzungRolfing-Sitzung mit Markus Rossmann, concept-rossmann.com

Rolfing-treatment by certified Rolfer™ Markus Rossmann


other photos by Margot Mohr
Was ist Rolfing?

What is Rolfing®?

Read a conversation with the certified sports instructor and Certified Rolfer™, explaining to a friend what Rolfing is.

Laden Sie hier das Gespräch unter Freunden zum Thema Rolfing herunter


Session sequence

  • Each session lasts approximately 60 - 75 minutes!

  • The period between two sessions should be between 1 and 4 weeks

  • A treatment series usually consists of ten coordinated sessions (not a must - but sensible!)

  • Part of each session is the so-called "body-reading", an analysis of all body sides, in which both the statics and the function of the body are analyzed.

  • Working with the deep connective tissue and training the body and movement perception are at the main part of each session.

  • Through Rolfing®, the body is supported in its self-healing, which continues after the end of the series.

  • During the sessions you wear underwear or swimwear.

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