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Fascial Walk - Course content

Richtig Gehen - Fascial Walk, Kursbeschreibung

Contralateral movements are playing a central role in the concept of walking properly and deliberately.  Human beings stand on two legs and walk upright. Contralateral movements of the spine are important, because they enable the optimum nutrition for the intervertebral discs and the adequate engagement of many important joints. For this purpose, we need more fascial activity.  The results of recent studies about the organ fascia change our understanding of functional, proper and, most importantly, healthy walking.

Richtig Gehen - Fascial Walk, Kursbeschreibung von Fascial Walk Trainer Markus Rossman

Course content:

  • Theoretical and practical introduction of the 7 basic principles of Fascial Walk (Indoor und Outdoor)
  • Basic knowledge of the physiology of muscle and fascia in relation to Fascial Walk
  • Body reading: “Contralateral movement while walking”
  • Exercises to emphasise contralateral movements (Indoor und Outdoor)
  • The use of the “Blackroll” to stimulate contralateral movement
  • Introduction of the 10-hour concept: „Walk right – Move right – Stay healthy“ (Indoor und Outdoor)
  • Introduction of the basic exercises, that are part of the 10-hour concept (Indoor und Outdoor)
  • Practice of an exercise unit “„Walk right – Move right – Stay healthy“ (Indoor und Outdoor)

Kursbeschreibung zu Richtig Gehen - Fascial Walk, ein Kurskonzept vom Fascial Walk Trainer Markus Rossmann


This course is ideal for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports teachers/sport scientists
  • Osteopaths
  • Body therapists
  • Masseurs
  • Trainer/ Fitness Trainer/ Personal Trainer
  • Yoga
  • Pilates


Participation requirements: Basic knowledge about fascia

For the coaching/workshop: Sportswear recommended! Please don’t forget to bring shoes and warm and comfortable clothing, adequate for outdoors and rain!

Images: From the book Roßmann/Neumann: Richtig Gehen (2017) – photos by Christian Weiss
facial walk Konditionen (c-r)

Course content

1. day (9:00 – approx.. 16:00 h):
Introduction into the theoretical and practical basics of the "Fascial Walk" concept

2. day (9:00 – approx. 16:00 h):
Introduction into the 10 h concept "Fascial walk - Right movement - Stay healthy!“


14 teaching hours, each 45 minutes

Price per participant: 340,00 €

Marlus Rossmann - Vortrag über das Kurskonzept Richtig Gehen - Fascial Walk

Fascial Walk - Personal Coaching / Gruppentraining

Personal Coaching and Group Training:

Markus Roßmann offers for the concept: „Fascial Walk” personal coaching and group personal training.

Your invest in personal coaching within Erding: 60 Minutes 120,00 € + 19 % tax

Your invest in personal coaching outside of Erding: 60 Minutes 120,00 € + 19 % tax + travel expenses (each km flat fee 1,00 €)

Group Personal Training:
Ticket for 10: 120,00 Euro

Check Fascial Walk schedule

Fascial Walk Personal Coaching

facial walk inhouse-training

Inhouse Training Fascial Walk:

Fascial Walk is an innovative concept, created for people to engage in healthier lifestyles and to stimulate teamwork. That’s why Fascial Walk is a great idea for company events or whenever a company decides to adopt health promoting strategies.

For more information and consultation, please contact our office:

+49 (0)8122 22 87 545


inhouse-Training Facial Walk bei einem Automobilkonzern



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