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Fascial training advanced course

Faszientraining-Aufbaukurs mit Markus RossmannUnderstanding and training fascia!

Precondition for the participation in this course is the prior participation in the fascial training basic course!

First, all questions and problems that the participants came across, while integrating fascial training in their work and training will be discussed.

Then, the main theoretical and practical elements from the basic course will be revised. You will be given a deeper insight into the possibilities of a targeted training.  At the same time, the didactical approach will be discussed, in order to improve each trainers’ certainty when it comes to explaining and performing exercises.

Faszientraining-Aufbaukurs mit Markus RossmannFaszientraining-Aufbaukurs mit Markus Rossmann

All this is rounded up using many new exercises, ideas  and some curious observations from the world of science!

Contents of the Fascial training advanced course :

Theory and practice

  • Deepening basic knowledge
  • The fascia thoracalumbalis – anatomy and training
  • The meaning of water in the body
  • The meaning of active and passive stretching
  • Adjusting ligaments, tendons and joint capsules
  • Faszientraining-Aufbaukurs mit Markus RossmannThe difference between men and women
  • Procedure for hyper – and hypo mobility
  • The meaning of body awareness for therapy and athletic performances – proprioception and interoception


This course is ideal for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports teachers/sport scientists
  • Osteopaths
  • Body therapists
  • Masseurs
  • Trainer/ Fitness Trainer/ Personal Trainer
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
Images from the book Roßmann/Lamar: Faszie trifft Muskel (2017) – photos by Mira Hampel

Inhouse Training

Each class can also be booked as in-house training courses for rehabilitation, physiotherapy or trainer teams.

For further informationen and advice please consult the office

+49 (0)8122 22 87 545


inhouse-Training Facial Walk bei einem Automobilkonzern



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