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Fascial Training - Basics

Understanding and training fascia!

Faszientraining-Grundlagenkurs mit Markus Rossmann Due to scientific findings of the last years, fascia has rightfully become an essential part of every type of therapeutic or athletic training. It is unquestionable, that healthy fascia has an impact on physical healing and regeneration time, as well as athletic performance. This is why fascial training is being offered and included in commercial, health and high performance sports with great success.

Still, it needs to be mentioned that not everything can be explained with fascia. This organ, despite connecting everything, is only one of many notable parts of the body. Nothing more and nothing less.

Übung aus dem Faszientraining-Grundlagenkurs mit Markus RossmannAfter all, it is crucial that all composing parts of the body receive the best treatment and training possible and that they are optimally coordinated. Fascia and muscles are inseparable! By talking about strength training, one is referring to a training focused on muscles. When the issue is fascial training, one is referring to a training focused on fascia.

In the theoretical part of this course, you will gain insights into the basics of fascia and fascial training. In the practical part, you will be introduced to the four pillars of fascial training and you will learn how to turn every exercise focused on muscles into one focused on fascia. Meanwhile, we will keep the optimum interaction of all structures (muscle-fascia-bone) in mind.


eine weitere Übung aus dem Faszientraining-Grundlagenkurs mit Markus Rossmann

Content of the Fascial Training - Basics:

Faszientraining-Grundlagenkurs mit Markus Rossmann

Theory and praxis

  • Fascial anatomy
  • Significance of fascia for health, performance and beauty
  • What stimulating movements do fascia require?
  • The catapulteffect
    • Introduction of the four pillars of fascial training
    • Blackroll training
    • Fascial stretching
    • Catapult training
    • Body awareness
  • Specific fascial back training
  • Exercises for training and therapy
  • A practical fascial fitness class
  • Trainingsmanagement


This course is suitable for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports teachers/sport scientists
  • Osteopaths
  • Body therapists
  • Masseurs
  • Trainer/ Fitness Trainer/ Personal Trainer
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
Images from the book Roßmann/Lamar: Faszie trifft Muskel (2017) – photos by Mira Hampel

Inhouse Training

Each class can also be booked as in-house training courses for rehabilitation, physiotherapy or trainer teams.

For further informationen and advice please consult the office

+49 (0)8122 22 87 545


inhouse-Training Facial Walk bei einem Automobilkonzern



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