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Fascial Walk

Walking properly every day,
gives your body good and healthy impulses every day!

Walking wrongly every day,
gives your body bad and unhealthy impulses!

It is a fact: Most people walk in a wrong way!


Richtig Gehen - Fascial Walk, angeleitet durch Fascial Walk Trainer Markus Rossman

The concept “Fascial Walk” is an individually tailored, efficient and easily learned approach. Based on the human’s natural walk, it triggers physical and mental experiences. “Fascial Walk” has a vitalizing effect, which can help reduce pain and stress!

Lack of exercise is the main reason for most physical problems. Many of our clients and patients are aware of this, and still, the majority of a steadily increasing group does not have the time or the desire to become more active. The demand for so to speak: “Minimal Movement Programs” continues to grow.

The question is:

  • How can we do most for our health, if possible without sweating and within a small amount of time?
  • How can we get people to enjoy exercising?

Here is an answer: Teach your clients or patients to use their everyday walking to benefit their health. Many scientific studies show, that walking in the right way improves health. No additional time needed, no sweating and no need to change clothes.

Walking is a part of everyday life. By walking properly and deliberately, we can give our body a right impulse every day. However, most people walk distracted and in the wrong way and that’s why they give their bodies a wrong impulse.
This can enhance already existing physical and psychological problems or even lead to now ones.  “Fascial Walk” is fun and motivates the participants to exercise, which, after all, is the main goal of this concept.

Richtig Gehen - Fascial Walk, angeleitet durch Fascial Walk Trainer Markus Rossman

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Fascial Walk - Bewegen
Fascial Walk - an offer from Fascial Walk Trainer
Markus Rossmann, Erding near Munich
Fascial Walk - für jedermann
Fascial Walk is meant for anyone -
no special equipment or clothing is needed

Images: private and from the book Roßmann/Neumann: Richtig Gehen (2017) – photos by Christian Weiss
facial walk inhouse-training

Inhouse Training Fascial Walk:

Fascial Walk is an innovative concept, created for people to engage in healthier lifestyles and to stimulate teamwork. That’s why Fascial Walk is a great idea for company events or whenever a company decides to adopt health promoting strategies.

For more information and consultation, please contact our office:

+49 (0)8122 22 87 545


inhouse-Training Facial Walk bei einem Automobilkonzern



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