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About me:

  • Certificated Physical Education Teacher (University of Munich)
  • Health expert
  • Certified Rolfer™
  • Development of health minimalistic programs
  • Founder of the fascial training method Concept-Rossmann
  • Founder of Fascial Walk – Living Healthily
  • Member of the Fazer expert group (ARTZT vitality)
  • Member of the European Rolfing Association
  • International lecturer for fascial topics
  • Published author

Since 2010, I have been giving around 50 lectures about fascia and fascial training every year. My workshops and lectures are now in demand worldwide among therapists, trainers and athletes.They are also popular among leisure, health and high performance athletes.
Thanks to the frequent exchange with health experts from all around the world and my years of experience as certified rolfer, I was able to develop my own “PERSONAL HEALTH COACHING CONCEPT”. This concept is different from common personal training, not only because it includes fascial work.

I graduated from the Technical University Munich in 1989, gaining a certificate as a physical education teacher with an emphasis on rehabilitation/prevention. Afterwards, I worked as a specialist for health sports and for competitive sports in the commercial sector for several years. In 1994, I moved to the rehabilitation sector, where I was the head of the medical training therapy. I worked as the head of medical training therapy for 10 years, both in Berlin and in Erding.
In 2004, I got certified as a Rolfer®. Since then, I have been working independently a movement- and body therapist and developing innovative movement health programs.

For many years now, I have been cooperating closely with renowned fascial scientists from all around the world. This kind of training has become well established in many countries. The main focus of my courses lays on the integration of fascial movement – and touch techniques in both training and therapy, and on teaching new movement health programs. During my Personal Health Coaching, it is also especially important to me to show people how simple and with how little time requirement they can effectively improve their health.

I always try to find new ways to include the latest scientific findings about fascia in my training and treatment methods.

If you have any questions you can contact me here.



© 2019 Markus Rossmann

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